Introducing the Birds

“The Birds and the Abroad” originated with a light-weight blog from our first trip to the Middle East as a family, but with time I have come to see every place as an “Abroad” of sorts. I believe that we are all travelers in this life- maybe even pilgrims -and every day can be something of an adventure worth talking about from that perspective.

This site deals with many things: my family, my religion, my work, and probably a few other things for which I don’t have a nice category yet. Feel free to read what I have shared by exploring a certain category, but keep in mind that I sometimes post material to multiple categories. After all, life isn’t always experienced as conveniently themed events.

Here are the Birds as of June 2017. Joy and I are blessed with four terrific children: Gideon, Nadya, and Mayra (from left to right) and a new baby boy named Ian who was born in November. We currently live in Provo, Utah where I’m working on my doctoral dissertation in Instructional Psychology and Technology at BYU. Last year we returned from a four-month stint in Amman, Jordan, where I helped administer BYU’s Arabic study abroad and conducted research for my dissertation.