Study Abroad 2016 Week Five

cob on the corn

We’ve had a great time the last week here in Amman. While we are always grateful for the moment that the kids fall asleep and we have a moment or two to ourselves, we are usually thrilled to be here with our family living the student expat life. As Nadya likes to say, we found some “cob on the corn” this week and decided to cook it up. Mayra was into it, as you can see, but I have to admit that I didn’t like it much. While most produce here tends to outshine what’s available in the states, this stuff was pretty tasteless and harder to eat.

img_20160929_190839 img_20160929_190822

مباراة كرة القدم  a soccer game

In all the time we’ve lived in Jordan we have managed to miss all the soccer events that students have gone to. Sometimes that has been for the better, as soccer games can be notorious for the harassment of foreigners and women in particular. At last, though, an opportunity came that we couldn’t miss. The Young Women World Cup is taking place this year, and the Jordanian team played Spain the other night. One of the students who was indifferent to soccer offered to watch the kids while we went to the game, so we did it! The opening ceremony for the game was pretty crazy, including with a projected presentation onto the field, guys on stilts with fireworks shooting off of their shoes, and a firework display worthy of any Independence Day Celebration. After that things went downhill pretty fast, though, as Spain obviously went on to win by a wide margin (5-0 I think). Let’s just say that the women’s soccer program in Jordan is pretty new. We left a little after halftime to go get some kunafa near the stadium, but it was still a fun event overall.

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غور الأردن  the jordan river valley

We had another big program outing this weekend, taking off early Saturday morning for the Jordan River Valley and all the sites to see there on the Eastern side of the river (the Western side being in Israel). We started with المغطس “Bethany beyond Jordan”, also known as the site where Jesus was likely baptized. In the last decade archaeologists have unearthed Byzantine ruins near the River Jordan that indicate the spot where Jesus was baptized (at least according to the Byzantines). The spot actually lies a good distance from the current Jordan river, which makes sense since it has definitely moved over the last two millenia. There’s also a spot along the river itself for people to dip in if they want. We also visited the Dead Sea where we floated effortlessly in the water (though the kids are too young to enjoy that still) and then went up to the pool of the resort to enjoy pool water that doesn’t burn your eyes, nose, or any cuts you might have. The kids had a good time overall, falling asleep as soon as they hit their beds that night.

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