Study Abroad 2016 Week Nine

عيد ميلاد جدعون   Gideon’s birthday!

Our Gideon boy has been acting like a three-year-old for some time but now it is official! When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he straight-away said “enchiladas,” and then went on to ask for a firetruck cake too. Joy, being the awesome mommy she is,  made it all happen.

img_20161020_180313 img_20161020_183224

أم الرصاص   Umm Ar-Rusaas

Our weekend trip was nothing spectacular like previous weeks, but we managed to get out of the house and visit two places South of Amman: Mukawwir and Umm Ar-Rusaas. Mukawwir is a fairly desolate and unimpressive mountain with a long walk to the top and a few ruins at the top, but what IS cool about it is that it’s probably where John the Baptist was held prisoner and beheaded at Herod’s command. The other place, Umm Ar-Rusaas, doesn’t have a cool story, but has extensive ruins and a fairly well-preserved Byzantine church and mosaic floor to see. It was a long day travelling on the bus, and looking back we probably could have sat this one out, but we went anyhow.

Gideon taking a nap with his buddy, Tessa, on the bus ride home.
Nadya really took to exploring the ruins at Umm Ar-Rusaas.
Joy managed to sneak this candid shot of Nadya on the bus while she gazed out at the desert.






Halloween in Jordan

Halloween is one of those holidays that doesn’t transfer well to the Muslim world. To the westernized Arab it is alright and funny at least, but to the average person it looks nearly like devil worship, as you can probably understand if they see the weird stories coming from the USA on Halloween. Anyway, aside from a trunk-or-treat or Halloween party put on by the expat branch, it can be hard to actually celebrate. Joy decided that even though we had no costumes and no neighbors doors to knock on, we were going to let our kids have some fun anyway. We had everyone dress up in some way (often without any clear identity… ha!) and then Joy and played leap frog with the doors in our apartment, giving out candy to our three hungry trick-or-treaters. They had a good time I think, and even managed to change costumes a couple times in between rounds of candy.

All of us in our Halloween garb. Don’t ask what we dressed up as, I’m still not sure.
Joy and Nadya changed a couple times, this time they are clearly bakers. 😀










الحياة اليومية   daily life

Some of my best moments here are at home away from work and the outside world. Our kids fill our lives with happy moments, and we are so grateful to have them. They make life so meaningful and real to me!

Nadya: “Look Mom, I have a heart beet!”
Mayra melting my heart after I get back from work.


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