Study Abroad 2016 Week Six

الحياة صعبة  life is hard…


… at least it is for toddlers living overseas! This picture of Gideon crashed on our couch is perfectly representative of the exhaustion that we experience almost every day here. Not that we were never tired back in Utah, but the cultural and physical differences of our current situation definitely contribute to wearing us out by the time 8PM finally rolls around. In this case, it was mid afternoon after our trip to the Dead Sea, when I decided to cut up a nectarine and bring a piece to Nadya and Gideon who were sitting at the desk while Nadya did her “school” online. When I placed a slice in front of Gideon, he didn’t budge. I asked him if he wanted it, then realized that he wasn’t going to respond anytime soon. The poor guy had fallen asleep sitting up in his chair! I moved him to the nearby couch right away, though I regret not taking a picture of him in the chair.


افطار والمؤتمر العام  general conference brunch

img_20161002_202647Later that night I was surprised when Joy suggested that we host a pancake party to watch the Sunday morning session of general conference (starting at 7pm our time). We shrugged off the aftershocks of our weekend trips and started getting ready! We had about 20 students show up and we had a good time trying a variety of pancakes (Joy made puff-up/german pancakes, yeast sourdough pancakes, and normal baking powder pancakes) and toppings (provided by the students). It coincided with bedtime of course, but things actually went pretty smoothly. The WiFi didn’t give us any trouble, and only one or two people fell into pancake-induced comas.

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